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The One

Oh la la. Me got a drawing from Kid Koala. Very very nice show, nice guy, and nice artwork. I love that he threw in some Thom Yorke, something that Rid wanted him to add to his set. An amazing 2 hour or so set, I was super thrilled to make it on time. Nothing beats being between the speakers with some heavy sounds coming at you, thanks for the thrill ride.

Mooch and Miss

Above is a pic of a playlist from Mooch back in the day. Mooch is super. Check out his myspace page if you want, I think he still goes by Milhouse these days. Just some random things that has happened in the past couple of days. Below is a pic of a Ms. Pacman game, it's been given to every single member of my family. The toy is the same age as me, hopefully it still works, haven't put the batteries in it yet. Need to save up some money for 4 C batteries. Let's battle. Tonight is Kid Koala at Nextdoor...hope to see sifu and joan9 there.

SIQ man


I know, I'm supposed to be asleep right now, gotta wake up early. Above is Ray, working hard for the Hip Hop at the Trops event, was trying to take candid shots of him...think he caught me a few times. Well probably because I did a flash on him. Ray is awesome. Coming up shortly is Gym Class Heroes who I wouldn't mind seeing. But it's all about Kid Koala on Thursday. Kid Koala is awesome.

The Next Movement recap


The Next Movement at Nextdoor on August 2nd 2007, put on by Jake the Snake of the genuineHI Show on KTUH (Saturday night's/Sunday morning 12-3am), was packed and well put together. The Soul Pacific always does an incredible job, love their production, their set, and their presense. Above pic is the host of the night, Jacob, sportin' a bright colorblock shirt...color combinations that I see around reminding me of Nintendo for some reason. Below is his shirt design altered by Photobooth. Support his cause, buy a shirt, be awesome

For The Love

Last night's Kaleidoscope


Rid and I usually go to Nextdoor Kaleidoscope on Tuesday nights. Above is Luke, he takes good pics. Forgot to give thanks to Rid for creating such an easy program for updating and creating the blog and news. Rid's a genius. Thursday is the Next Movement, also at Nextdoor. Hopefully I'll make it there in time to see Soul Pacific, they got some nice beats.

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